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Explorer Pass


Welcome to the Digital Silk Road! Nothing accesses the splendor & excitement of the wonders of finding out the latest products than your own Explorer Pass. 
Consider it a passport to venture to new & exotic lands to find just the right products for that special occasion. 
In my day (circa 1877), getting an Explorer Pass required months of planning and funding from so many people. Now, my friends at Continental Sourcing have made it so easy!
Simply register here (, & my Guides will get you a pre-approved amount so that you can start shopping today! 
Yes, today is the day that your dreams come true. The New Silk Road for the New Millennium lets you Live the Dream. I always ask my team, “Why Wonder What We Could Have Done?”
Perhaps you belong to a company that is already a member. Perhaps you could sign on your friends for exhilaration the Digital Silk Road has to offer. Regardless, getting started is so simple. Simply log on, fill out the details, and Eureka… you are shopping.
Within 24 hours of registering, a Guide will contact you for verification. You will receive a log in # immediately, and you will receive your Explorer Pass in the mail within 4-5 days. 
Alternatively, you may sign on for an Explorer Pass at any Home Essentials. Explorer Pass benefits are available to you either on line or at Home Essentials. Unfortunately, lawyers request we inform you that all Explorer Passes are the Property of Continental Sourcing, and they may be revoked, returned, or denied for any reason whatsoever. 
However, I have convinced the Finance Department at Continental Sourcing to extend this fantastic benefit. All purchases with an Explorer Pass are payable over 24 months with 0% interest! Yes, the items you purchase on Continental Sourcing (and participating Home Essentials) enable you to stretch the payments over a 24 month period at 0% interest. Continental Sourcing will send you a statement. 
It is that simple. So, would you please register today and join me in Exploring the Digital Silk Road?
Live the Dream,
Baron Ferdinand