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Furniture Rental Advantages … Why Rent Furniture?

Aside from the unrivaled convenience furniture rental Hong Kong from Home Essentials offers, many practical applications make this the most compelling means to furnishing your home (away from home). 
Few items prove more crucial to relocation than having a bed! Your options included (and are limited to):
RENTING / HIRING / LEASING: furniture rental in Hong Kong from Home Essentials is the most flexible and cost effective. Renting affords many advantages:
You Set the Duration of the Lease
Option to Own
Savings equating to 50% of the cost of Shipping
Styles Reflecting your Tastes
Delivery within 48 Hours
Full Maintenance During the Rental Period
All Furniture is Brand New
FULLY FURNISHED HOMES: Many Customers want to move into a fully furnished home, but this (until popular furniture stores Hong Kong Home Essentials) raises some concerns:
Are the Items New?
Do I Get to Choose the Items?
The Selection of Fully Furnished is Far Less than Unfurnished
Will the Home be Close to Office, Schools, Shopping?
Same Great Service as Rental
Option of Billing Landlord or You
Everything is Brand New
LUMP SUM BUDGETS / FURNITURE ALLOWANCES: Over the past decade, we have seen a growing # of companies elect to give assignees cash. This raises a whole host of issues:
I am New to the City, so Where Do I Go?
Will I Get a Good Deal?
How Do I Manage Multiple Deliveries?
What Happens When I Move?
Answering the Needs of Clients, Home Essentials acts at the ONLY 1 Stop Source for ALL Your Household Needs with a Series of Innovations Catering to Your Needs:
Consolidate All Purchases
Guaranty of All Items
Temporary Items if What You Want is Out of Stock
On Line or In Store Presence ( 
Home of the Good Buy Back! – Only Home Essentials will give you a guaranteed amount of cash back should you leave within 2 years. 
SHIPPING: Yes, some people still ship their household effects despite:
Will the Items from My Home Country Fit?
Is it True that 30% of All Shipments Experience Some Damage?
Does it Really Take 6-8 Weeks for the Container to Arrive?
For those that do Ship, Home Essentials has the Best Short-Term Rental Program in the History of Rental!
Rent By the Month
Full Compliment of Linens, Knives, Pots, Glasses, Towels, Plates,…. With a 100% Guaranty that ALL Linens and Kitchen Items are Brand New… NO ONE ELSE MAKES SUCH A CLAIM.
80% Less than Hotels or Service Apartments
Delivery within 24 Hours! Same Day Service in Some Cases
WOW… No Matter the Way You Relocate, Home Essentials Has a Plan to Ease Transition and Enhance the Experience. Please Allow Us to Call You Today to Explain in Greater Detail.