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Urban Oasis

Hong Kong can be a stressful place with the pressures of the job, millions of people jostling about, high rents, transient peoples, and just life. With so many people passing by each day, it is essential to have a place of calm, quiet and peace. That place should be your home. 
Small size or large / Urban or (semi) rural…. does not matter. Any place can be transformed into a place of personalized relaxation. 
For 2014, Home Essentials is dedicated to promoting home wellness with the underlying belief that each person’s home can become an Oasis. 
Whether it is soft fabrics for sofas and beds, quality mattresses for sleeping, fresh herbs and plants you can grow, patterned carpets and rugs, 100% natural foods from Europe, or candles / diffusers, Home Essentials can assist you with creating a home living environment that addresses each customer’s personal requirements. 
Our plants and herbs and spices have become an Escalator sensation. Who would have believed that such growth could occur in Central? From rosemary, thyme, dill, mint (our favorite), tomatoes, chili, basil, and others, we provide the soil, plant, and pot. 
As we say, you should adopt a plant – they grow on you!
A Beautiful Home is Essential.