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About Us

How did Home Essentials become the World’s Most Popular Furniture Rental Company?
“During a vacation to Singapore, I met an expatriate couple on assignment. They relayed their frustration in having to report to the IRS as income the $5,000 they received from their company to purchase a television and other electronic appliances. The couple believed it unfair they had to purchase these items because the voltage in Singapore is incompatible with the phases used in the U.S.  At that point, I asked why their company didn’t just rent those items. It was then that I learned that there was no place in Singapore to rent electronics and appliances.”
That chance exchange initiated the concept for Home Essentials.
                                        --- Christopher Exline – Chief Executive Officer
Since then, Home Essentials become the world leading pioneer and innovator in taking the concept of furniture rental truly global. We are proud of our heritage in being the first furniture rental company in Hong Kong, Dubai (UAE), China, Muscat (Oman), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Baghdad (Iraq), Kabul (Afghanistan), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), and we are just getting started.
We enjoy blazing new trails to bring disruptive innovation to our customers and markets. We are proud of our people that strive to raise the level of service to enhance the expatriate experience by removing some of the hassles usually associated with relocating to a new country.
Along the way, Home Essentials became a truly global company one customer at a time. Along the way, we have furnished over 100,000 families on 6 continents. We achieved this through the tireless dedication of our teams.
Our brand story is one steeped in trying to do what has yet to be tried if we firmly believe it in the best interest of our customers and stakeholders.

Funitre Rental in Hong Kong was never easier 
We share an equal burden for our factories as we do our customers. In fact, our factories are viewed as customers. To serve you, we have to insure that they have adequate resources to improve efficiency and QC ensuring that you have the best value in home furnishings.
Regardless of culture, country, or continent, all of us are unified by guiding principles of the following 5 core leadership principles:
  1. Care & Compassion: Having care and compassion for all staff (not just when times are tough). We truly care for each person in our employ – dignity and respect are right – not an option

  2. Approachability: Each or every team member can approach any member of management to ask any question on any subject. Why try to hide behind the projection of what we want others to see. We are proud of who we are, so we show our eccentricities alongside our strengths. Frankly speaking, honest conveyance is a strength.

  3. Leading By Example: No member of management is too high to drive a truck, help on the floor, take customer calls, load containers, sweep the floor, or fill in for someone sick. We are ALL equal.

  4. A Set of Core Values that are Widely Known: As a company we know who we are, what we do, and (more importantly) what we will not do. We strive to make sure that all constituents know our core values. We reinforce them at all times. The future excites us.

  5. Faith: We have a faith in what we do and what we stand for that is worth fighting to the end for. Our teams have sacrificed on occasion for the greater good of what we are and stand for. We have faith in our people, and they reciprocate in faith with management. This deep rooted trust is the bond that enables us to expand.
We are only just beginning to realize our potential. It has neither easy nor without hardship, but we have a breathless anticipation of what we have achieved and what we will go.
Please let us know if you would like to know more about us.
A Beautiful Home is Essential.